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An aspiring higher education provider must ensure that:

  • ‘Education’ is its principal purpose, with governance and management of HE operations located in Australia and that the corporate governing body and key personnel demonstrate that they are ‘fit and proper’ persons;
  • Business continuity plans and financial and tuition safeguards are in place for students should it cease to provide a course of study, cease to operate as a HEP or suffer a major incident affecting its operations;
  • The corporate governing body has responsibility for oversight of all HE operations, including conferral of its HE awards, and to which management is accountable;
  • Potential risks to operations are regularly monitored to ensure that strategies are in place to mitigate risks that may eventuate;
  • A current strategic plan is in place that shows clarity about its future directions for HE, identifies key performance indicators, is adequately communicated to internal and external stakeholders, and, guides management decision-making;
  • Has objectives for its HE operations that include the cultivation in students of critical and independent thought and the capacity for learning throughout life;
  • Promotes and protects free intellectual inquiry and expression in its HE learning, teaching, and research activities;
  • Protects academic integrity in HE through effective policies and measures to ensure the integrity of student assessment;
  • Has sufficient appropriately qualified personnel to manage and to provide academic leadership for HE operations;
  • That prior to enrolment and during their studies, all students are informed about their relationship with the higher education provider, which includes any contractual arrangements, the obligations of the HEP, and, the rights and obligations of the student;
  • Students have ready access to effective grievance processes, which enable them to make complaints about any aspect of the HEP’s operations without fear of reprisal, and which provide for review by an appropriate independent third party if internal processes fail to resolve a grievance;
  • Adequate IT infrastructure and software to support student learning in its courses is in place, including a website with current content, and that students and personnel have ready access to online information and resources.






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