About QED

QED provides advisory services to education providers whose strategic goal is to achieve registration as a higher education provider and to deliver an accredited course of study.

QED’s principal consultant, Gary Greig, has extensive experience in working with a range of education providers over many years and brings a depth of experience in quality assurance and the regulatory frameworks which govern the Australian tertiary education sector.

Gary works with an education provider to review their higher education governance structures, to evaluate their quality assurance systems, and to ensure that a course of study appropriately reflects the discipline expertise of the provider.

QED and its associates are available to assist an education provider achieve its goals in delivering quality educational outcomes.

Tasks to do in preparing for higher education:

  • Identify existing staff capabilities for the higher education project
  • Engage qualified and experienced staff for the higher education project
  • Project plan for the higher education project

Changes to make:

  • Governance: innovative leaders (academic and operational) who foster and support quality academic and operational decision-making
  • Teaching and Learning: quality faculty to deliver excellence in desired academic outcomes
  • Support Services: quality personnel and infrastructures to support effectiveness in teaching and learning
  • Quality Systems: policies, procedures and frameworks to inform, monitor, measure and manage higher education performance.

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