QED Services

QED offers a range of services and resources dedicated to helping leaders, administrators, and faculty maximise the growth and potential of their Institution in the higher education sector in Australia.

QED’s core business is supporting and advising an education institution and its staff through change processes that will lead to registration as a higher education provider and the accreditation of a higher education course of study.

QED’s business philosophy is one of building long term partnerships with a client who returns because QED is responsive, flexible, and focused on the delivery of sustainable benefits.

Many clients return to renew their registration or course accreditation, or to seek advice and support in the accreditation of a new course of study.

Through the effective engagement of people, processes, information, technology, and environment QED can support an institution to achieve its strategic higher education goals.

Trees looking up

QED support services for higher education include:

  • Strategic analysis (leadership/governance/constitution)
  • Quality assurance, compliance and regulation (policies/procedures)
  • Course development processes (pathways/disciplines)
  • Staff/workforce planning requirements (academic/operational)
  • Infrastructure requirements (physical/electronic)
  • Information and ICT requirements (website/LMS/Library)
  • Student support services requirements.

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