The Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) is an independent statutory authority established in 2011 to regulate and quality assures Australia’s large, diverse and complex higher education sector.

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The Australian higher education system comprises both public and private universities, Australian branches of overseas universities, and other higher education providers with and without self-accrediting authority.

Qualifications available from higher education providers range from undergraduate awards, (bachelor degrees, associate degrees or advanced diplomas) to postgraduate awards, including graduate diplomas, master’s degrees and doctoral degrees.

TEQSA registers and assesses the performance of higher education providers against the Higher Education Standards Framework.

The Standards Framework comprises five domains: Provider Standards, Qualification Standards, Teaching and Learning Standards, Information Standards and Research Standards.

The Provider Standards and Qualifications Standards are collectively the Threshold Standards, which all providers must meet in order to enter and remain within Australia’s higher education system.

TEQSA will undertake both compliance assessments and quality assessments.

Compliance assessments involve assessing a particular provider’s compliance against the Threshold Standards for registration as a higher education provider.

TEQSA may conduct quality assessments across the whole higher education sector, a sample of providers, or a single provider.


The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) establishes the quality of Australian qualifications. The AQF incorporates qualifications from each education sector into a single comprehensive national qualifications framework.

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In Australia, education and training is a shared responsibility of all Commonwealth, State and Territory governments. Education, training and employment ministers collectively own and are responsible for the AQF.

The AQF is an integrated policy that comprises the learning outcomes for each AQF level and qualification type from Level 1 (Certificate 1) through to Level 10 (Doctoral Degree).